28 days ago
Checked out $Fluff from all angles and wallets ... few weird wallets but were all from presale. Have to say it is as clean as it can be considering it was a presale. Price action seems to be good too .. Other than that DYOR, can't really say anything, but I like it.
2 months ago
$Kama has been a solid play all week. Community takeover and organic growth. No paid shill or any serious #ads out yet so the potential is great. Currently on a dip at 1.5 mil, a nice entry if you looking to ape! #NFA #DYOR
2 months ago
Morning everyone, hold strong.
I'm a believer in #BlockMate , expecting this to take off when public gets their eyes on it.
2 months ago
Another degen play. Huge hype around new CatWifHat, volume is insane. I went in at 0.006, normal stack .. with the hype anything can happen ;) DYOR not FA
2 months ago
My investing strategy this bull run NFA DYOR

Quick Trades:
Twitter/Influencer pump and dumps
pump.fun coins

Long Term:
Utility Tokens (ex: Blockmate, SolMail)
Devs I believe in w/ a good community (ex: Hami)

Quick trades- most of these are extremely risky and move insanely fast. They provide great returns, but are also insanely risky. I try to aim for a 2-3x play on these.
Long Term-
Utility tokens are much less risky imo, and have huge potential for growth.
Good Dev/Community- Great communities always draw more people to them.
Solana- Trading on
2 months ago (E)
Pullback to 200k mc, this is crazy. Can't believe ppl are selling at this price. Still feeling bullish, I am DCA more into @BlockMate
Have my original bag in from 80k MC too.
2 months ago
220k MC adding more, this project is on sale right now.
Loading up my bags. NFA DYOR. Riding this one.
2 months ago
Investing more on these dips, 260k MC is way too low for a utility coin imo. NFA DYOR.
Like if you are still holding strong!
2 months ago
Hold strong lads, this token has real utility w/ tons of potential. The top holders have slowly sold off + Dev locked remaining tokens in streamflow. Can't wait to see where this goes in a few days. (NFA/DYOR)
Looking forward to more updates from the dev.

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