BlockMate meets all Mert's requests for SocialFi project built on Solana:
300+ users (without mentions by respected people in Solana ecosystem except PengyOS);
attractive UX;
integration of ecosystem apps (Jupiter, Wormhole, Bonfida already here. Metaplex or Helius on the way - Helius will help reach Mr. Mert's attention more faster).
Now it's necessary to reach Mr. Mert's attention - this will help attract more users to receive feedback for further improvements.
While devs are working on the product, let's be active in X to attract new users.
Let's build a utility-oriented community!
21 days ago (E)
20 days ago
In response j.w.l18 to his Publication
@BlockMate This is very important and useful information... I hope and believe Carl will take the much needed action... But Kudos to the Team for all that has been done so far...